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Full Version: pcsx2 won't run .iso image.
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Hi guys I have been trying for close to a week now to play Jak and Daxter the precursor legacy through an .iso file. I can run my bios with no disk and have no problems I have my memory cards working etc everything seems to work with no disk or iso running. however when I choose the run .iso image and then run my jak and daxter.iso I get to the menu then a cluster of green pixels appear at the bottom of my screen and I get this error code on X-quartz.
NTSC Display Mode Initialized.
Framelimiter rate updated (UpdateVSyncRate): 59.94 fps
Offset 0x613fca64 invalid. Legit SIGSEGV. Aborting.
Segmentation fault: 11

[Process completed]

Then my screen disappears and I have to re-open pcsx2 if I want to try again any ideas? I have been working on this for a while and really want to get it running! thanks for your help Smile
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