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Full Version: Anyone can run PCSX2 on Mageia2 ?
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Hi all,

I have an old PC (CPU Intel 3.0 GHz Prescott, GPU AGP8x Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 with nvidia 173.14.36, DDR1 1 GB). I'm using 2 distros, BlankOn 7.0 (Ubuntu Natty) and Mageia2. My self compiled PCSX2 run well on BlankOn 7.0 (only using GSdx SDL), ZZOGL very slow, GSdx OGL freeze. When i'm using Mageia2 my self compiled PCSX2 always freeze (GSdx SDL not work, ZZOGL not work, GSdx OGL not work). Maybe my PC is so old ?
No hope with that PC, the GPU is also ancient.