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Full Version: rev 5350 (1.0.0) vs recent revs
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I am not sure if anyone experience the same thing...

I discovered that Soul Calibur III gets its performance badly hurt on my system when running it using recent revision ? (in my case I used rev 5457).

Rev 5457:
Recommended speed hack, MTVU, VU x1, 8 bit, wildarmsoffset, async mix, DX11 HW, fxaa, custom res: 1200x1200
Performance is badly hit, fps decreases by 10-15 on menu screen, choppy performance during gameplay

Rev 5350 (1.0.0):
Exactly the same setting as 5457, good-excellent performance (sometimes fps drops but somehow the emulation hack makes it difficult to tell the difference because the movement of the characters somehow are being smoothed out)
can you work out exactly where this happened from checking previous svn versions?

Forget about it Tongue2 can't even reproduce the issue.

I have no idea what went wrong...something else must have took place and probably ran together in the background with pcsx2 perhaps and somehow decreased the performance?

I tried with rev 5450, 5451, ...all the way to 5457 couldn't reproduce it. Initially I was quite worried that I might have run pcsx2 with integrated graphic but that was not the case because I tried to run it with integrated just to make comparison and it was waay even worse (slowed down to a crawl), so this wasn't the issue then.

Anyway... it could have been my system, so don't worry abt it. Thanks anyway, Refraction Smile
You did what I did... Lol Laugh
(11-17-2012, 01:50 AM)billyash Wrote: [ -> ]You did what I did... Lol Laugh

With soul calibur 3 u mean?