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Full Version: Jak games corrupted textures
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As you can see from the links above the sprite grass in J&D is reduced to a mesh, as is Jak's head in Jak II, and the water look strange to say the least. Vehicles and people randomly flicker this way too. Anyone getting this and is there a solution?

None of the gdsx settings have effect. Only speedhack enabled is MYVU.
old news, thats the same with the ratched and clank games, they havent fixed this yet

use the search button next time.
I did search but nothing turned out about this specifically, only mentions of the eyes not being rendered and speed issues. Sorry.
With Jak games the textures that are corrupted are the ones that animate using bitmaps because the eye textures move from one texture to another creating the eye blinking and animation and even shadow maps so when jak does into the haven mountain in a shadow he will return to almost normal looking so it is basically data sending issues with the textures
Thanks for the clarification, it's good to know Smile