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Full Version: Fast Forward/Slow Motion bugs
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Hi everyone
I just started playng kh1 played kh2 before and now i noticed a weird bug on the whole emulator
Sometimes it slows down and sometimes it goes twice that fast
i tried it with setting slow-mo/fast forward settings to 100% so nothing should happen but it didin't help
does anyone know how to fix that?
Tried enabling frame limiter ?
Not a valid bug report, btw.
yes tried but no workd
The slowdown means the machine is not powerful enough (sometimes and some games are just too demanding to even powerful machines as nowadays).

As refration said, the fast motion can be solved with enabling the frame limiter (oddly it means disabling the disable framelimiting).

For the slowmotion, you can try speed hacks and hope it is enough. We can't say anymore without knowing the game you are trying to play and the machines specification (and the emulator's configuration).

Each game has it's own demand level on the machine, that's not a emulator's trait.