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Full Version: Can I run all three GTA's if
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I update my graphics card?

I have Windows 7(64-bit)
Intel i5 3.30ghz
8gb of ram
and a crappy ATI Raideon HD 5450

Right now I am having slow FPS with GTA3. So would a new one fix this? Also pretty new to this type of stuff so excuse my ignorance about it.

Also if anyone can recommend a new graphics card that can handle them for around $50-100 it would be much appreciated.
get sapphire hd 6670 1gb DDR5(Pci express 2.0 x16 slot) low profile

here the info

What i5 is that? Ivy Bridge? Sandy Bridge? Lynnfield?
If it's the last one the problem could also be the CPU. Have you tried some speedhacks? You're using the DX9 plugin or the DX11 one?
Sandy Bridge and I'm using 9.
So the CPU is fine. Try DX11, in some games might be better. Otherwise i would suggest a Radeon 7750, shoul be enough to play at 2x or 3x resolution lots of games. Otherwise you can spend more and look for 7770 or a GeForce 650.
If you wanna play GTA so badly, consider buying it for PC.
You will get max performance and better gameplay for a small amount of money.
I mean, way better than buy a GPU just for this IMHO.

If you run, maybe still can get the discount at Steam.
In brazilian steam, GTA 3 is at 7,49 reais, something like 3,59 bucks. Smile
I have all three plus a bunch of other PS2 games Id like to revisit. I could also just buy a PS2 but I figure its time for a GPU update anyways.
Quote:I could also just buy a PS2.
yes, definitely, buy one.
At least do it if you want to use pcsx2 legally.
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