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Full Version: the random shot in main page
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it's not that random is it? Tongue2

it's always the same games....it's a very nice feature that could potentialy introduce a new game to someone unaware but since it's always the same games then it's pretty much lost its cause Tongue2

it would be nice if you could upload,say, 100 different images and have the site generate 10 pics each time someone loaded the main page...or something...

just saying Smile
Yeah i know...i could add more to the slideshow but that would increase page load times since the script loads all of them from the start...
make it load random ones from a list or smth ;p surely that can be done server side
Enjoy modifying the plugin if you want to Tongue
That's your job, you wrote the site Tongue2
The settings of the plugin are written in the database, would be pretty hard to fiddle with all that Tongue I'll take a look though