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Full Version: Windows 64/32
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Hello Pcsx2, sorry if that question was on this forum and i don't see it.

Is gonna be a 64 version of emulator?
It would be near useless in terms of performance gain
Is not working much better on 64 bit?
With all the mentioned challenges, it will take a couple of months to get things working reasonably stable. By that time, more people would have switched to 64bit OSs. If we're even half right in our estimates, Pcsx2 will run much faster on a 64bit OS than on a 32bit OS on the same computer once x86-64 recompilation is done.
Then, is gonna be a 64bit?
If you are into it, feel free to contribute by bringing your knowledge and coding skills here : http://code.google.com/p/pcsx2
But it's definitely not on the dev's roadmap
Actually Jesalvain, wouldn't using x64 dlls make it so that the emulator can use more then the 4 GByte limit Windows have. Now not sure if this is the same for programs/games, but was just wondering Smile
This is the kind of things that should be asked to the devs.
But i don't think it would be a RAM matter.