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Full Version: God of War 1 & 2 looks playable
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Both of this precious games looks playable now in INTERPRETER mod of rev 672, *still have a little sps pproblem* but it seems that moves and positins of things are exactly like on PS2, so no more this stupid legs like helicopter in GoW2 and other creepy things
Interpreter for this games looks pretty fast i've got 11-15 fps instead of 1-2 on previous revs
So i've got a request to devs to implement this features in Recompiler to get all off this NICE SWEET things on speed
Rev 672
Cpu: everything On exept EErec
Gpu: GSDX 1.14 rev896(dx10 render) native
Spu: ZeroSPU2 PP Default settings
SpeedHacks: EESyncX3,IopX2, Wait Sycle Sync
Advanced: EE Round Mod-NegativeDaZ On, all other by default
This is amazing! Thanks for the news, I'll wait for the compiled version of Krakatos to give it a try Smile
Yea, and i hope for this in recompiler
Forgot to mention EE Round Mod must be Negative to avoid crashing from the start
This was very helpful Tongue2
Yea, great found ZEROxLaugh
(01-31-2009, 10:56 PM)rama Wrote: [ -> ]ZEROx:
This was very helpful Tongue2
I knew this is not Bug Report, but anyway glad yo help
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! Thanks rama, Now I'm looking forward for the next release Smile!