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Full Version: SOLVED - i5 not reaching full clockspeed on pcsx2
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I've been playing FFXII on my notebook with intel i5, and on native resolution it runs at 65% speed. But when I change my resolution to 1920x1080p it runs much faster (80 to 100%).

I checked my cpu clockspeed on CPU-Z and noticed that while on native resolution, the i5 runs at 1.1GHz, and when I change to 1080p, it goes up to 1.9GHz. That's probably why it's faster in this resolution.

The game looks gorgeous on 1080p, but I still get slowdowns on some cutscenes... I was thinking this could be avoided if the CPU ran at its actual speed (2.5GHz), or it could run even better if needed, since this model can turboboost up to 3.1Ghz.

Any ideas how can I get to make the PCSX2 use all my i5 power?


intel i5 3210m
Intel HD Graphics 4000
4gb ram
Windows 8
Change plan to High Performance instead of energy saver.
(01-03-2013, 02:46 AM)Topken Wrote: [ -> ]Change plan to High Performance instead of energy saver.

Already did that... There's something else keeping the clockspeed down...
Disable the stupid EIST. If it is not present in the BIOS, then try set the clock speed yourself in your power plan Advanced Settings.
is intel HD 4000 good enough to play FFXII??? i mean it is a good integrated graphic when playing pc games but i think you're gpu is holding you back
I'm pretty sure the HD 4000 is enough for FFXII at 2x native.
(01-03-2013, 07:15 PM)Livy Wrote: [ -> ]I'm pretty sure the HD 4000 is enough for FFXII at 2x native.

Finally found out what it was! Some stupid samsung bloatware to keep the fans working at low noise. Turned that option off and now it runs at full speed withou framerate dropping!

Yes, the HD 4000 is good enough to play this game. I'm running on 1366x768 (my display resolution) and now it runs at 100% speed, without any speedhacks on. I'll see if I can make a video later of me running this game later and post to help some other people trying to play on a notebook like me.

Thanks everyone for the help!