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Full Version: Keyboard not working at all
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Gday to all...
first of all, great emulator, brings back good memories of when i had my old ps2
ok i'll cut to the chase no matter what i do i am having no luck with control coniguration...
heres what happens:
1: i open the emulator
2: i do the usual configurations
3: i setup the lily pad to my keboard so for example
cross = numpad 5 square= numpad 4 triangle= numpad 8 circle= numpad 6 and my left control stick are left= a right= d up= 2 down= x R2= W L2= S
this is what i use to play cel damage overdrive cos i had it origionally on ps2 and loved it.
so once i complete the control config i run the game, i get to the intro which would normally allow me to skip by pressing X button (numpad 5) but there is no response at all, so i press every other button but still nothing happens, i come to main menu where it says press X to start, i try but nothing happens
4: so i close the game and go back into my control config, PAD 1 and there is no data, all my control binds are GONE!!!! so i try reconfig the buttons but still no response!!!



the untitled2 picture is the result of opening the config after i've ran the game
no support for 0.9.6 since it's an outdated version.
erase it and download latest stable instead.
could you please link me to updated version?
many thanks