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Full Version: [split] GSdx -> Games with motion blur / blurred background
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Yeah I'm pretty sure it's an intended effect that looks decent at lower resolutions on old crt's but the increase in resolution and clearness of lcd's make it look bad.

Oh and of note on Atelier Iris software mode runs the fire animation and following movie on boot faster than the Hardware does. Seems a little odd. Though maybe that's the 3 threads at work.
Quote:Everything over the horizon is blurred in fights. There are two more glitches in the game that I know of.
hmmk... i see u are right.
it seems its indeed an image postprocessing effect made by the game, i didnt realized it on my ps2 before

im not sure, but it looks in such a way, as if the picture was copied on a transparent background layer, but there is a way to ignore this background layer, which carries the duplicate or why the 0.1.7. doesnt shows this effect too?

...or does the 0.1.7. completly ignore the output from the unit, which generate this ugly effect?

ugly effect`? i think FFX wouldn't be FFX without the "Blur" effect xD
I noticed this effect when i first played the game XD
cause at this one scene with seymor it looks downright unnatural XD(@ first glance)
im sure, ffx would be the same, just without that effect relic.
if you really need it, then you should get drunk, which must have same effect.
maybe there is a way, to switch it off. it could be an option in the gsdx gui, so that u dont have to spend ur whole money on alcohol. Tongue
Split. t was time to clean up the main gsdx thread a little...
hmm i wonder if gsdx can add a hack to remove the blur effect. it seems a lot of games use the same effect for AA instead of real AA and it just gets more ugly as the internal resolution is increased.
You need to switch to native resolution settings and you will not get that blur thing.
You still get it with native resolution, you just won't notice that well.
tested on Tales of Abys... works great but now i tested it in FF X-2 and you are right. Blur is still there. This is one bad video effect which i see in a LOT of games ^^
Persona 4 is the worst of all. It blends the current frame together with the last one. That means the after-image of a frame is visible for >=5 frames.
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