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Full Version: [split] GSdx -> Games with motion blur / blurred background
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hi gabest,

could u plz, take a look at the attached pics
ive marked some areas, within which you can see a small shade of the textures themselves or a transparent duplicate from those

some tests with earlier versions of gsdx show this problem is only, since the gsdx 0.1.8

im not sure to call it a bug or something like that, but its realy ugly and it would be nice, if u find a solution for it.

btw zerogs, have the same... uhmm... feature Smile

game = FFX ger pal (SCES 50492//941BB7D9)
tested pcsx2 versions = all
tested with interlacing on/off/whatever

thx for ur time and great work
I believe that is motion blur.
on static elements? that would be strange... ehrmm... no, i dont think so, but who knows...
They just tried to smooth the edges.
Everything over the horizon is blurred in fights. There are two more glitches in the game that I know of.

(these pictures were taken from the real thing, but they look the same in the emulator Smile)
yup that's FF X motion blurring & depth of field XD (extreme in sin fights)
Yeah I've noticed the after image effect on a few games so far. In some it's worse then others. I see it even text sometimes. The worst I've seen is in Tales of the Abyss right after the hyper resonance which transports you with Tear.
It's probably a limitation of the hardware.
(01-29-2009, 02:10 PM)ender Wrote: [ -> ]It's probably a limitation of the hardware.

It's an intended effect.
(01-29-2009, 02:07 PM)dralor Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah I've noticed the after image effect on a few games so far. ...
Now that you've mentioned it, some Naruto games have it too.
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