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Full Version: weird dialouge glitch in final fantasy x
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my final fantasy game is experiencing a weird glitch all dialogue and menu options are converted into weird symbols how can I fix this?

Screen cap

[Image: 339hggn.jpg]
Are you sure it's not Al Bhed? A screencap would be nice.
Menu options cannot be in Al Bhed language. Mellow

Except for the original Japanese and International versions, all other versions use Latin characters.
How do you screen cap?
and I can fully translate al behd I know its not that
F8 to screencap
I have it but how do I attach to a thread when I try it says the screen cap is too big
upload it to some img sharing site and post the link
That seems russian...maybe you don't have the CD and you downloaded the game from a russian site?

edit: checking with google translator that's definitely russian:

memory card = карты памяти

as in your screen
I was just kidding with the Al Bhed.

Some guesses:

- Your language is set in the PS2 menu as Russian instead of English. (Full boot + No disc)
- Your BIOS is Russian.
- Your game is Russian.

[Image: tumblr_lkfbymP0xw1qh7yx0.gif]
the game isnt displayed in russian unless you explicid have the russian version (there is no russian bios and if you have russian enabled in the bios he must did that on purpose and if he did he knew russian no?

he obv downloaded the game, he doesnt get any support from me thats for sure.

(01-28-2013, 09:40 PM)||dav1de|| Wrote: [ -> ]you don't have the CD and you downloaded the game from a russian site?

no talk about downloading games, you know the rules >.>
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