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Full Version: PCSX2Bonus - A PCSX2 launcher / frontend
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Anybody help me
my keyboard not working with pcsx2 bonus.
My gamepad working fine.will i have to do somethng with settings?
Because i want to play two players mode.one with keyboard & one with gamepad.
Everytime i launch any game througnh pcsx2 bonus it change controls to gamepad.

1 more thing if i right click on any game & hit play.it doesn't run that game.it keep running a particular game that i selected in pcsx2 shortcut.
First this problem was not there,when i first installed this.
But now i don't know what happen to it.
I already tried to delete it's folder.
But it not worked.
One more thing in WWE raw 2011 my game not saving.i already assigned memory card for it.
But game not saving in pcsx2 bonus,in original pcsx2 shortcut game saving fine.
Overall i like it very much.cool features & more options Smile

Plz help me with these problems,thanks in advance Smile
delete your comfig file located in user/AppData/Roaming/PCSX2Bonus
That will reset everything back to original state
My question still not answered can i enable keyboard & gamepad both ?
i don't know what happened.it doesn't loading my any game.it loading only ps2 bios.
what to do now? i already deleted all settings folders related to it & reinstall it again.
i'm going to post emulog.see what causes it.in emulog it saying opening drive g (which is my dvd drive)
but i already set linuz iso instead of cdvd gigaherz.i think it reverting settings.i already tried every method deleted everything related to it.
i think i'm stuck with it.plz help !

Edit-now i only deleted Game configs.Now everything working fine.
Thanks for u'r help !
This looks awesome will probably download it when I get home Laugh
Im try it on gow and it work with keyboard and gamepad both but in smackpain only work with gamepad...strange
Yash it working with both Gamepad & keyboard.
I have smack down vs raw 2011.which smack down u have ?
Smack down here comes the pain ntsc
right click on u'r game & click on assign memory card.
browse to memcard folder & click on first & click ok !
Ok i will try them ......thanks bro
Oh i'm sorry u were saying keyboard & gamepad not working.
I though u said memory card save not working.
For keyboard & gamepad Go to pcsx2 bonus folder & delete Smack down game folder which should be in configs folder.
Then again add image from u'r game folder !