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Full Version: God of War 2 Missing walls & cannot see colossus
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Hey guys,

I am new to playing on Pcxs2.
I got the ISO of God of War 2. Got pcxs2 version Jan 09 2010.

The issue is in the first mission I am unable to see the walls of the halls. Similarly when the battle with the colossus is initiated I cannot see it. So basically anything not in distance of Kratos is invisible. So I am only able to see the colossus fists pummeling Kratos into powder. Please check attachment (screenshot) to witness the missing walls.

I need help. Is there something I can change to fix this situation.

My Rig is PC. 4 GB RAM, 1 GB ATI 5600/5700 card, Windows 7.Intel i5.

Requesting Help.
you are using an old unsupported version of the emulator.
download latest stable from our website www.pcsx2.net and try again