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Full Version: Where does PCSX2 create its temp files!?
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Does anyone know where PCSX2 makes its tempory files. I tried making a save state twice, but it wouldn't work, I got a pop up though telling me some temp file had been made somewhere!

I then tried to save to memory card, and that crashed it!

I would like to say I have been using PCSX2 for months and never had a problem before. Im just hoping those temp files it made while trying to save state are indeed temp save states.

If anyone knows would be appreciated, thanks!
Have you used the installer or are you using a portable binary? If you used the installer, those files are created in your user directory under my documents/PCSX2

I never used the installer, just dowloaded all the files and unzipped them. PCSX2 still made a folder in my documents folder on first use though, where the mem cards and save states are, cant see any temp files there though!
What temp files are you looking for exactly? In computers usually temp files are deleted after usage Tongue
Yeah I think these got deleted, I did a search of every drive for any file starting in SLPS- and another for any file ending in .p2s and the latest one was from the few hours before I crashed.

:/ Was like 2 hours worth of grinding in the Omega Ruins in FFX looking to capture 2 mobs there and filling sphere grid! Ah well... again I guess!
its in the sstates folder inside the pcsx2 folder, providing you made a savestate Tongue