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Full Version: First time user, need help please!
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First off i would just like to say hello to the community. Good to be a part of it. Now to my problem. As the subject says its my first time using PCSX2 so i don't know very much about it. I read about how to configure my PCSX2 through the FAQ which is most likely the default settings. Whenever i try to play games (tried iso and playing straight from a dvd) it seems like the game is playing in slow motion and the audio is really garbled sounding and sounds like its playing in slow motion as well. Maybe this is something that is a really easy fix and i hope it is. If anyone can make any suggestions i would really appreciate it. Here are my system specs so maybe someone can help me fine tune my PCSX2 to play a little better on my system:

AMD Phenom 2 X4 @ 3.0 Ghz
AMD Radeon HD 5670
4GB Ram
Windows 7 64bit
please anyone? Sad
which games ?
and please, try to understand that a forum is different from instant messaging.
Bumping your thread after less than 1 hour is a unappropriate
I tried 3 different games. Siren, Siren 2 and Fatal Frame. and sorry about the bumping, won't happen again. I might also add that if try to load any Video plugins higher than SSE2 it fails saying Hardware/drivers not supported. I read the system requirements i don't understand why its not working
not sure about this, bu I think those games a quite demanding...
did you play them using software or hardware mode ?
i tried hardware mode under DX9 and tried both modes under DX11. Could using SSE2 possibly be the reason its lagging?
That AMD CPU doesn't have anything else then SSE2 so run it on that.
the Phenom 2 quad core? its almost the same as your just not the black edition. What plugin do you use?
SSE2, Only the Bulldozer can use AVX Smile
well there's 2 others besides AVX. There's SSE3 and SSE4. It shows that under my plugin list
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