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Full Version: Sly Cooper 2 HP Bar issue
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Hey, I did my best to look through past threads for this issue, but I couldn't find one about it.

So Sly 2 runs near flawlessly for me, the only issue I'm getting is the HP bar extends into a square, flickering. (screenshot).

I've messed with a lot of settings and even tried a completely different build, but same issue.

Any ideas?
tried pressing f9 ?
In dev build 1.50 use Direct3D 11 Hardware. Then in HW Hacks use check "Alpha"...Checking that fixes the HP bar .

For other settings use Mipmapping Fast...CRC Hack Aggressive...Accurate Date Fast...Tex filter Bilinear (forced)

Bob ttf will fix shaking of lines in "Interlacing".

and use Texture offsets X:280 Y:580 - this fixes rainbow effect on edges.

Do NOT use EE Cycle Skipping in speed hacks.

Then use window zoom 101 to fix static lines in cinematics around edges.
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