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Full Version: Ar Tomelico possible bug
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i actually playing ar tomelico
and i downloaded the appropriate pnatch for the old forum
but in the last build (681) the title of the game are not displayed
in the windows but in the old version (not playground) all run fine

is this a bug ????

the patch work ????
Why would you use a patch? The game works fine without any patch....
so in the playground the patch are no needed ?

exellent !!!!!

do you know if a decent sound plugin exist ?
ar tomelico has wonderful music but all the sound plugin that i tested
have prob . or the music is fastest os slowest , is very frustrating !!!!
Use newest SPU2Ghz plugin and select X2audio module, time-stretching. Get it from here http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-2352.html
no already tryed
sound is choppy and discontinous