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Full Version: [Bug Report] Persona 4 [NTSC-U]
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I've been having a problem with pcsx2. Every time I try to run my disk of Persona 4, the framerate starts chugging and the graphics start glitching. It's fairly major stuff, like the main character's t-shirt appearing above his clothes. Is there something up with my copy or did I set up something wrong? Everything's still set up normally. So where did I go wrong?
Switch to software rendering.
Moved out of bug reports
You don't need to run P4 in software mode, but not sure what your computer specifications are, but I could run P4 fully on 60 fps with my old AMD Dual Core + 5770 card besides with some monsters and in Junes, now I can run the game nearly fully at 60 fps, besides the wealth hand, since that texture seriously slow down on my custom res.