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Full Version: Question for those who played Valkryie Profile 2.
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I know about the glitched out forest that's right near the start of the game but is that the only zone/time the game bugs out like that?

I tried playing it once but found the slowdown to be too distracting, now having played VP2 on the PS2 I realize how short the forest zone was and how much better it looked on the PC.

If I just have to suffer through 20 mins of that glitched out forest I will but not if it happens throughout the game.

only in the first forest, yes.
rest of the game is fine.
That's good to know.

Looking at a FAQ it seems like you have to go back to the Lost Forest later in the game. I am guessing the game glitches those times too?
I don't recall it being puzzled twice...
but maybe ...
There's one other location like this much later.
Yeah, there's 2 zones like that. There's also some glitched screens in Seraphic Gate, but those are not really an issue.

Quote: and how much better it looked on the PC.

The thing is, the cutscenes rely heavily on DoF effects, which are pretty much completely missing on hardware mode. Playing it like this unfortunately changes the game's look quite a bit. Sad