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Full Version: Help me with playing valkyrie profile 2
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I want to play the Valkyrie profile 2 and i dont now what revision to play better to avoid such bugs in the forest (red screen!). Please help!
you can't.
only software mode (f9) solves this
NO on can fix it?
(03-16-2013, 07:29 PM)Mcoyote Wrote: [ -> ]Really?
NO on can fix it?

If you feel like fixing it, feel free to bring your dev skills to the project...
I found a modified gsdx plugin (in this plugin not have a bug in the forest!) but he is too old could not know who any of you convert it to a newer version. please
no links to unofficial builds, please.
just use it if you feel like doing so, but don't ask support about it, since it hasn't been developed by pcsx2 team and hasn't been through a validation process
oh forgive...