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Full Version: Question about cheats
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Is there a thread with lots of EU game cheats in one post so I can just copy and paste them into the .PNACH file or better yet PNACH file with them already on there that I can download? It has to be EU since that's what most of my games are.

First post has most of them organized already.
(04-03-2013, 04:17 PM)Koji Wrote: [ -> ]http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Post-your...tches-here

First post has most of them organized already.

Most of these are NTSC and aren't in a single post that I can copy, others link to other threads too. That's not what I'm looking for.
Another reason to make a .pnach collection... Just saying Smile

Edit: Ignore this lazy commentSmile
There will never be anything like that. Either learn how to use google, pay someone to do the job for you if you reach and stupid or sit there and cry if you lack in both of those.

Also a small correction to Koji post, first post in that thread is updated only up to 100 post ~ 10th page. It's not even close to having "most" cheats listed;p. Like I wrote above, learn how to use google and you'll have no problem finding existing pnach files nor converting cheats for any game you want without any serious knowledge in few seconds max.

And if that's still too hard for you... Seriously people does it look like some "barbie and ken in ponyland" kind of place(?) - no it's emulation forum, stop showing off you have two left hands and start learning how to do simple stuff by yourself;]. You're totally accepted as being newbie and need to be pointed at stuff sometimes, we can also show you how to do stuff easier if you have stupid ideas and share them here, but if you don't even want to try, you'll get nowhere.
OK, I diserved that one... I don't have enough knowledge (or time) to be responsible for such a contribution.
I regret my post, it was rude.