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Full Version: False Installer @ Homepage
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Well, I am going to sound really stupid and that's fine, I guess I am the reason people make lame programs like this:

I was so excited to find a ps2 emulator, So I came here and clicked the first thing I saw without thinking about it, unpacked, installed, and clicked everything without reading anything.

Turns out, what I clicked on was an ad banner that contained a trojan installer with about five programs in it. I started to realize what happened when Avast started freaking out.

It seems there's still two visible programs left and who knows how many other ones floating around, but the AV programs don't pick them up, and I can't get rid of them by hand. If anyone else has fallen into this misfortune, do you know how to fix it?
It seems quite unlikely that there's such a banner on the official pcsx2.net website. I'm here for almost 4 years and I never saw any banner in the first 2 years I came on here (Last 2 years I'm using Adblock Plus)
I guess he/she clicked on the google ad banner
Its quite unlikely to find malicious adverts in a google rotation, i'd suspect more that you have some sort of redirect virus. I would run Malwarebytes on your computer followed by the ESET online scanner.
One of the ads on the windows downloads page right now links to pcsx2.org, which looks rather shady, as it offers to download pcsx2 through their downloader program.
Ok thanks ill put that in our exclusions!
Though I dont think its a Troijan.

Im constantly seeing ads about one videoplayer and I have happened to instal it...

There were 5 "extra" programs that came along but my avast regonized them as some sort of junk adware. I got everything uninstaled though... I just checked their names and uninstaled through control panel -> add/remove program.

If you are absolutely sure that there is some actual Viruses, you could do a scan with "search for malicious programs" checked, I think basic scanning only checks malware and not actual programs that may be malicious.

Theres also a free virus scanner called "Malwarebytes" and I have had good experiences with it. Its more specialized to catch different malware than AV's so its a good addition. When you are instaling, dont start the Trial perioid that Malwarebytes suggests, it will screw Avast. You can start full scan after instaling it.

Newer versions of Avast also allow you to do virus scan BEFORE starting up windows, its extremely efficient but also quite slow. You can cancel the check and start windows if it takes too long though. Avast will inform you prior to starting the scan.

Hope this helped.
(04-08-2013, 12:52 AM)Leaper Wrote: [ -> ]One of the ads on the windows downloads page right now links to pcsx2.org, which looks rather shady, as it offers to download pcsx2 through their downloader program.

(04-08-2013, 01:39 AM)refraction Wrote: [ -> ]Ok thanks ill put that in our exclusions!

It does look like a plain ripoff attempt, it's obvious he does nothing but wrap the official PCSX2 binary with an installer which tries to also install other "offers". Does it comply with the GPL? If not, maybe we could send a complaint to google about it, get him off the ads network altogether?

What about the PCSX2 logo at the top of the main page? do we have some copyright on it?

And while we're at it, maybe we could do something like firefox does, and prevent derivatives from using the PCSX2 name and logo, unless it's approved by us? Firefox manages this and still be GPL...

Kinda annoying that he got this domain though...
Ive sent then an email asking them nicely to remove the site, downloads and adsense rotation else I contact google and their hosting in relation to website theft.
Perhaps we, the forum users, could help in some way? Is there somewhere we can send complaints into Google?
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