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Full Version: Quick Question about Dragon Quest VIII
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Normally I would search and scour the forums but I am on my way out the door and was hoping someone with the existing knowledge could help me.

My question is two-fold:
1) If you use a non native res (for example 3x) then the lettering gets a little off but I thought there was an easy fix/hack for that. Anyone know what that is?

2) Some of the cutscenes are beige in color. The textboxes and audio play fine. Anyone have any fixes for that? I could try software mode but then I wouldnt have my awesome uber mega hi def res Smile


Thanks in advance and I apologize for being a little lazy.
Taken from our youtube video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zzzpa0PPaF4 )

Known Issues:
Sun lens flare goes through solid objects - use software mode
HP/MP bars bugged - set GSdx HW WildArmsOffset hack to second state or use native resolution or software mode
Artifacts on text - set GSdx HW WildArmsOffset hack to first state or use native resolution or software mode
Flashback sequences all brown - use software mode
Shadows missing - use software mode
Thanks Bositman. F9 is my new best friend...lol