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Full Version: Mortal kombat shaolin monks slowdown...30 to 35 fps and very laggy please help...
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.Intro run in full speed i use svn r 5605 but game run very slow.. . Goros layer still have some gliches and give me 30 to 35 in sw mode and in hw mode 25 to 30 ...please help me what setting i use..
What speedhacks are you using, what resolution have you set it to, and what do your EE, GS and VU values say when the fps is low?
Resolution native , ee-3,vu-3, gs 55 to 60%
Im assuming you meant you have the EE cycle rate ane VU cycle stealing at 3. Try lowering them back to normal.

I was after the %s on the top of your window. Theres 3 of them. Would be along the lines of "EE: XX% | GS: XX% | VU: XX%".
Ee 75%,gs 55%,vu 60% and im also try to reduce vu ,ee, cycle to 1 but speed too slow
What other speedhacks do you have on? All the recommended ones (including MTVU)?

Could be that this is one of the more demanding games. Although based on http://wiki.pcsx2.net/index.php?title=Mo...olin_Monks I would think your system wouldve been fine.
All speed hacks ticked including mtvu ....if there any setting for mksm to increase its speed
What gsdx plugin are you using? Sse2? Sse3? Sse4.1?

And im assuming your running off the iso?
Sse2, use iso
Try changing to sse4.1
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