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Full Version: Vice City Stories - Farewell To Arms - Gunsight Not Transparent
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Hi guys, I have a problem.

While on mission "Farewell To Arms", the gunsight is not transparent. It looks like this:

[Image: Farewell_to_Arms_%2810%29.jpg]

It makes it nearly impossible to accomplish the mission - you don't know where to shoot to destroy opponents' cars.

The question is - whether it is normal or not? And if not - is there any way to make it see-through?

Generally, the game runs flawlessly and it's smooth (45-60 fps, NTSC version). My laptop's config: Pentium B960 2x2.2 GHz, GeForce 610M 1 GB, 4 GB of RAM.

And another question - is it possible to slow down the emulation? What I mean is that it would be easier to complete a mission if everything was going on, for example, half that fast it does normally.

Thanks in advance for any help!
about the glitch : try pressing F9
about the slow motion : in emulation>GS, you can set a custom frame skipping while pressing F4.
Problem solved. Thank you really much.

Let me ask one more question - pressing F9 switches into software rendering doesn't it?