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Full Version: GS plugin unable to load
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Yes I do have a problem with regarding this

3 of the choices in GS plugin doesn't work. Yeah I know that it depends on the pc's specs and most probably in these specs...

AMD Athlon II X2 260 processor, 2.0gb ram, nvidia gefore 210

only sse2 will work but it doesn't work. So how do I fix this?

btw, dx already 11
Quote:only sse2 will work but it doesn't work.
your CPU won't support more than SSe2.
does it work or not ? what you said isn't clear at all.

If not, what problem do you get ? Any error message ?
what I meant was supposedly sse2 is the one that will only work with these specs but in my case(rather my friend's case) it doesn't

the error message that shows is the typical error message that the plugin is unable to load due to.. (etc.)

just as I said dx is already 11 but when I was testing updating it to date(just to make sure it is updated to date).. it won't work.
which version of dx11 do you have ?
Wait wait, what do you mean by that? Sorry I'm not quite knowledgeable about this
many noobs think because they have Dx 11, they have the latest version of directx. Which is basically wrong. It's like saying : "I have windows 7, I have windows latest version"
WHen I ask "which version of directx 11 do you have", It's like saying : "you have windows 7, but which service pack do you have ?"

you can get your dx version by typing dxdiag as a command line
Yes and that's what I'm trying to ask since I can't seem to place my finger on it in the diagnostic tool. Oh well anyway I'll check my friend's pc later since it "might" be the same problem as what he stated in this thread.