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Full Version: 'GS plugin failed to open...'
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Sure. I'll attach it, make the thread look a bit tidier. I tried a few times, and as you can see, I started with a different error to what I have now. Thanks for taking the time to help, by the way.
I think the problem probably lies outside of PCSX2. If you look on one of my earlier posts, I have also discovered issues with videos, so if there are any graphics experts out there, what do you suggest?
from your log:
Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
Maybe install your drivers? ;P Especially the GPU one, couse your drivers are surely NOT up to date, you have an generic gpu driver which will pretty much not support anything other than running basic windows to allow you to install proper ones;p. You didn't post any specs, but seeing it's an i3 low clocked laptop you are most likely limited to intel hd anyway, install your drivers properly(should be somewhere at intel page).
Ahhhh, drivers, of course!
OK, I hate drivers, and I'm sure this is gonna seem a real stupid question, but how can I replace the current generic adapter with the custom Intel one?

The problem is, I've tried to install the new driver, but it doesn't overwrite the current driver. If I uninstall the standard driver, however, surely I won't have any graphics to be able to install the new driver?

Sorry it's a bit of a noob question, I'm only 14, I've got a lot to learn Tongue
What is your GPU? Did you download the driver from the official website?
Miniman don't bother.Go to this site >> http://downloadcenter.intel.com
& select update utility.install or accept all pop ups & it'll analyze u'r computer & tell u which things need update.
update all including u'r graphic card !
Thanks for the help, everyone. It's all working now. Intel's update utility is dim-witted, but it worked (after 5 hours waiting!) If a moderator would like to close the thread, that would be great. Ya know, it just stops people from posting on this thread in 2017 hoping for a response. Cheers!
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