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Full Version: Help in ssx tricky
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Hello , pcsx2 team im a big fan of ur emulator.it was great ..i can play many games with in full speed thank u all for thise great emulator...there was a problem in ssx tricky that whenever i play the game player was dissaper... Any help was appriciated.
Tried software mode (f9)?
set round mode to real
I think something have to do with clamping modes.
Set clamping mode to Full in EE/Iop & Vu to Extra.
This game works in hardware mode !
I was try but the game was slowing down to 35 fps ..can i fix it in hardware mode..

(05-30-2013, 10:24 AM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]set round mode to real

round mode to real works thank u all for help....

I too need some help in this game... It runs very good, every now and then little slow but still I can play. Problem is with the saved game... I tried to load saved game, it said it is a succesfully loaded but it's like none of my achievements are saved...

I used cheats to unlock riders and boards which are locked again and I have no medals, so maybe thats the problem? It can't properly save with cheats?
Create ur own thread .......dude..