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Full Version: FF12 gameshark with infinte gil not working SVN 453
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hi i tried 6 hours yesterday following all the guides available on every forum on the internet, but to no avail, all i want is just to get max gil in FF12, i tried converting save file from gamefaqs = corrupted, i tried cheating = my emu crashes/cheat dosent work

so can someone please send me there memory card of the start of the game with max gil please please please im really getting sick of hexxing

thanks alot :
Use TLB (Non vm) exe and ArtMoney.
Works fine.

Ive lend my FF12 to my mate now so i dont have it now and cant give you the save.
//Max Gil (Sell Item) NTSC/US

//Max Gil (Sell Item) French/Italian

//99.999.999 GIL German

Any other versions I can't find easily.
Use my Guide that i have Compiled for use with pcsx2
ok cheers, i got the infinite gil working Smile i have AUS/NZ version