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Full Version: cant use old loadstate version
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hi!i recently updated my pcsx2 to the latest on but when i try to use my load states its giving me a message of "unknown loadstate version" something like that.problem is i always use loadstate instead of memory cards.so do i need to install the previous version of pcsx2 use the loadstate save in mmc then transfer mmc to new version or would there be a work around for this?thanks in advance.

ps:i have a lot of games so transferring to mmc is tedious >.>
Yes,the saves states are often changed and most of the time you can't use old save states on newer pcsx2 version.
You have to save your progress yo the memory card and then use that card on the newer pcsx2 version...and from then on after you load the memory card save,you can continue using save states and forget about the memory card.

Save states are something good but don't rely on them too much(you've experienced one of the reasons why not)
The other reason is more serious...save states saves absolutely everything(including bugs)so if you make a save state and then shortly after that encounter some problem,if that problem is saved the the save state,this will be the end of your progress(unless you find a way to save to the memory card)
They are also sometimes not entirely reliable, you can save and then close the emulator, next day, the savestate might not work out of the blue. So, unless you're in a place that you can't save at all and the last save point wasn't that far, don't depend on them.
For that problem,you can the System=>Backup before save option
I've never used that function but this is probably how it works.
When you try to save and if there is existing save to that slot,pcsx2 will rename that save state and then create a new save state
oh okay,guess i have to do it the hard way.thanks!
(06-14-2013, 11:21 PM)jimpatrick Wrote: [ -> ]oh okay,guess i have to do it the hard way.thanks!

Remember that PCSX2 is a WIP emulator, with new builds coming out almost all time, so there is no way to grant the backward compatibility of sstates.

To understand the importance of saving on memcard is needed to understand that save is controlled by the game and not by PS2, there is a reason for the existence of save points for it allows the game to save only the general stats and location. That implies the game is "reconstructed" from the disk (or image) and those few information at memcard, so whatever memory corruption, be it by emulation flaw, wrong cheat code, actually whatever the reason the memory could become corrupted, if the corruption is not saved on memcard it will be gone when the game is loaded.

This can be used to recover from bad/corrupted sstates also. The lesson to learn from this is:

Sstates are wonderful to temporary use, abuse it in between save points but never miss a chance to do a complete memcard save whenever possible.