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Full Version: Hi Need help with Dot Hack
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I've been reading the Dot Hack threads and according to what I've read it's playable.

However whenever I try to play it (I'm using the latest beta playground and the latest beta plugins) the came crashes when accessing the world (the bug reported in said thread and it was apparently solved)

I'm thinking it's a configuration problem.

Can anyone help me with this?

IIRC it doesnt work in the released beta, but it does with SVN
I'm sorry. I don't understand.

First of all what is IIRC?
Second of all where do I get these svn (because I thought svn were the betas)?

And once I get them how do I configure it, to work?


I've gotten the mail that Krakatos or something replied but I can get the message to show.

According excerpt I'm supposed to wait for the next release version?

IIRC = if I remember correctly

Anyway, if it's really fixed in the svn, you just need to wait for me to post a new beta
Wait for a new beta!

Copy that! Thanks. Smile

Unless I'm mistaken (But I don't think so because of the compilation date that appears in the console) the new beta was just released.

However the .Hack Infection game still has the same problem.

Is there some option that I should enable?