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Full Version: Audio and video lagg
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Hey there , i downloaded today pcsx2 , and i'm playing tif 2005.

But , its slow and laggy , especially sound.

Please help . I'm playing on 640 x 640 and it still lags , and this is my configuration :

Windows XP 32-bit.


and Graphic card : ATI Radeon HD 2600xt.

I have 8gb of RAM memory , but 32bit sistems only see and use max. 3gb of RAM memory.

Please help . Should I try it on 64bit system and have 8gb of RAM ?

Thanks !
Well, the low frame rate is due to the computer is below the minimal requirements. Getting a 64 bits OS so to make use of the whole 8GB RAM might help overall but will not change much PCSX2 performance.

What you can and must try is using an aggressive preset or manually advancing VU cycle stealing and EE cyclerate and try the other sppedhacks available.

I don't have the specific game and don't know how much demanding it is, like any PC game, PS2 games have different demanding on the machine, some are easier and some are harder even to modern and more powerful machines.
As pcsx2 gets newer, sometimes the increased compatibility make it slower (only sometimes). Your Core 2 quad is not great, but not the worst either. You can also try the MTVU hack and see if that helps. If all else fails, try this.


And please replace that aged graphics card as soon as you can. Ebay has lots of good deals, especially for a couple years old architecures out there from Nvidia and AMD. Any GDDR5 card will do.