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Full Version: Games aren't working
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I'm new to this so idk if these are basic questions but I need help everytime i start a game like Naruto Ulti Ninja5 it starts up but its just a blank black screen then I press X then it goes white so it starts up I can hear the songs and everything just no video and I also have a prob with Kingdom Of Hearts it just freezes or goes to a grey screen on re chain memories but I just really wanna play Naruto helpppppp me pleaseeee! I've up for almost 2 days trying to figure why it doesnt work & I cant efffin move only the buttons work!!







Sorry for all the links other option wasnt working..But if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated!
First start by using the up-to-date version of PCSX2. Try the game again If that doesn't help, then mention your Linux distro you're using, gpu, driver, if your distro is 32 or 64 bit, and how you installed your driver. Are you using the PPA or a self-compiled version?
Wait a minute. I just noticed, this is the Mac version. This is the wrong area. You are in the Linux forum. I guess the mods will move this one soon.
yeah I just noticed a mac thread just now my bad it was all the way at the bottom but you think thats the problem cause I got that beta right?
Probably a combination of gpu driver issue and the fact that ZZogl hasn't been updated in years.
i got the newer one now i just dont know the right settings and everytime i hit run still same black screen
Anyways, you wont have any support for a dwonloaded bios.
Use the one from your own ps2.

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