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Full Version: Tenchu Fatal Shadows - black fog
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Hi @All,

I have the following problem:


Black fog in Tenchu Fatal Shadows in Hardware Mode. Yes, Tenchu 3 works fine but in FS the problem still persists.
Only solution is software mode(too slow) or set skipdraw to 3, but then the items will get invinsible.

I use pcsx2 revision 5695; GSDX in Hardware Mode DX11; scaling 3x, the rest is default setting

my specs:
io5 ~ OC 4.00
nvidia gtx 6600 ti

anyone working on a fix for this?

maybe you should start by giving the latest svn a try.
tried the new one; Revision 5718, same graphical error.
I'll move this to the plugins section since it works in sw mode
Can someone test this problem? I'm the only one with the black fog graphics in hardware mode without skipdraw set to 3?

THX in advance.

The tutorial levels running perfectly without any graphical errors, but the story missions not.
[email protected],

a year passed and i tried the game now again with the newest version of pcsx2(v1.2.1-549-g82ee28f). unfortunately the same problems.

i tried with and without speedhacks. Like stated before, funny thing that the tutorial level is running perfectly without any graphical errors, but the story missions not(black fog). if i set skipdraw to 3 the black fog is gone but the graphic is very blurry and the items not shown.

any solutions yet?

My pc specs:
OS:windows 8 64bit
CPU: i5 3570K OC to 4ghz
GPU: nvidia gtx 660 ti
I have the exact same issue as you. I am using revision 20140716.
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