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Full Version: FF12 Max HP cheat problem
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I used to following code below and have deactivated it using the //.

gametitle=Final Fantasy XII [SLUS_209.63] (U)

//MAX HP - ALL Characters

But the cheat is still active because all of my characters still have 9999 max hp.
I've tried disabling cheats, saving on memcard, and restarting the program. But it did not help.

The only remaining solution that I can think of is to reset my characters max hp back to default. Does anyone know how to do that?
Or does anyone know any other ways to change my max hp back to default?

Just to be sure, you are talking save to memory card and not save states right?

Also, exactly what does that cheat do? Does it actually raise their max HP to 9999 or does it just keep your current HP from declining? If it is the former, then this is the expected result. You would need to change the cheat to the standard value although I have no idea what the side effects would be.
some cheats in FF12 is cheat-protected by squaresoft.
using malicious cheat will fail to save and even load game to your memory card.
be aware of that.
Also some cheats are persistent. In other words if you activate the cheat and save a game, the cheat still is activated even if cheats is off, you need to find the cheat to de-activate it.