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Full Version: I have no clue whats going on
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So I downloaded PCSX2 a few weeks ago and couldn't figure out how to make it work no matter what I tried. So I gave up on it until today. I've watched a few videos and read some posts on here to see if I could figure out what I was doing wrong and I'm still totally lost.

I can get it to the point where it will show the initial start up screen that says PlayStation 2 with all the colored orbs in the background, but then it goes to the screen like it would if you didn't have a disc inserted.

I have the CDVD selected to No Disc and I have the Iso set but it still wont work. I'm very lost and have no clue what to do and any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.
Are you mounting the ISO with an external program? can u post a screen with your plugins?
Selecting "CDVD=>No Disc" will do just that...no game will be loaded.
If you are using plugin to load the game,choose CDVD=>Plugin and if you are using the internal ISO loader,choose CDVD=>Iso

Also use System=>Boot CDVD (Fast) after selecting Plugin or Iso
Quote:I have the CDVD selected to No Disc
not a good idea.

start here : http://pcsx2.net/config-guide/official-e...guide.html