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Full Version: Keybindings not working + disc problem
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Hi guys, I have a stupid problem, maybe I overlooked something... (first time using the emu).
So, I set up the key bindings for PAD-1 of every butten and analog stick movements to the keyboard and mouse, but when I start Spyro: New beginning iso none of them work when I tried skipping the ad animations or acces the main menu (usually the X or START buttens if I'm correct, but I tried every butten with no effect.

Also, I can't seem to boot from an inserted ps2 disc, it just doesn't show in the file browser as something bootable.

(Very new 17" computer with win8)
I tried all sorts of other plugins and the only one that appears to work is the SSSPSX PAD Pressure Mods, but that has only two directions (+X and +Y) for each analogue sticks wich I can't even assigne to anything.
Really guys a little help!
Try lillypad plugin
(10-01-2013, 10:24 AM)Brock lessner Wrote: [ -> ]Try lillypad plugin

Thats the first I tried, it gives ultimately no reaction after fully mapped all keys for PAD 1.
The game itself works fine, with the other plugin I managed to get as far in the game till it told me to rotate the cam.
What type of controller you use?
(10-01-2013, 05:18 PM)Brock lessner Wrote: [ -> ]What type of controller you use?

None; keyboard and mouse...
Wow strange , ok see when you open the game is any type of error your emu logs shows . But its better to post the emulog cause it will give us hint of what problem you actually have.
The file browser is meant to open .iso files, supposing you've set it that way in the CDVD submenu. If you're inserting a disk in your drive, you should use the Plugin selection in the same submenu, and configure the CDVD plugin to use the appropriate drive.

On another note: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Sample-Li...pid=297144
This might be useful.

I don't think the pad plugins have a problem, it's likely something you're doing wrong. Once you've set up again your keys in lilypad, test them out, and if they don't work try a different Keyboard/Mouse API.