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Full Version: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error Program:
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hello ive been having problems with the PCSX2 im new about all this and more even if sometimes i cant understand what are you talking about, cuz, english is not my first language

im trying to play Burnout 3 file.mdf , i select the game, then i run the game, and after that appears this message

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Program: [ is not showing a text or direction]

then the game crashes

what could be the problem?

please be gently with me, i do not understand, im new using this kind of software, i just want to play and enjoy this useful software, thanks for your replies, and have a nice day

i hope my english is not so bad
did you use the full installer ?
(10-03-2013, 11:28 AM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]did you use the full installer ?

YES but i decide to Re-install it again, what should i do now? download Bios and Plugins?

i dont know how this software works, i just want to play PS2 games on my PC Smile, i hope you can help me, thanks for your reply
if you haven't done so, yes, you'll need to extract the bios from your own real PS2.
no need to download plugins as they come with the whole package.