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Full Version: [LIST] Games that may not work well with MTVU
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Also Tony Hawks American Wasteland and Tony Hawks Proving Ground, basically any that use that engine (4 and up i believe).

Timesplitters 2 as well.
Timesplitters 2 is listed on the slowdown side, so you are saying it's actually broken?
Confirmed Tony Hawk's Underground doesn't boot with MTVU either

and yes i couldn't even get TS2 to boot with it on.
Updated more
James Bond 007 - Nightfire is broken MTVU enabled.

Brothers in Arms - Road to Hill 30 also
Another game Id like to add is James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing (U). The framerate counter will be just fine and in fact I could unlock it but the gameplay itself turns out to be laggy.

Its still playable and might be worth the sacrifice since the framerate on my system without it isnt perfectly smooth.
I was testing some games and 007 Agent Under Fire has stuttering issues with MTVU. Turned it off and it played great.
Would you say it's slowdown or a glitch? I need to know which category to put it in.
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