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Full Version: [LIST] Games that may not work well with MTVU
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Add Jade Cocoon 2 to the list of slowdowns, Using my second machine (AMD A8-6800k) i lost 12FPS when i ticked it on (from 60-62 unlimited to 49 - 50)

Also this thread should definitely be a sticky, Though i suppose if people used the wiki it wouldn't matter (of which i am updating Laugh)
Summon Night Gran-These - Horobi no Ken to Yakusoku no Kishi with mtvu
Black screen
Thrillville won't work with MTVU. You can get to the main menu but if you try to play the campaign you'll get a black screen.

As for this not being sticky, there are a couple reasons why. First of all, it's my thread, and I kinda have a thing against sticking my own thread(like I was super important or something), so I'm never gonna be the one to stick it. Secondly, General Discussion and support is so active, if all the threads that were in here that should be stuck were(I can think of at least 4), it would diminish the number of threads on the index page you could see without going another page deep by 4 as well.
So your gpu demanding list, naroons cpu demanding list, this thread, and what's the last one.

But again like I said in that thread, there is a problem with seeming to endorse unofficial settings if we stick it.
Ahh that thread
this might be off-topic but when I saw this thread I couldn't help but to remember a problem I had with the MTVU while playing
[Image: RtDsFJY.jpg?1]
I had this proplem with EVERY game
and here's what my emulog kept showing at the time
Quote:MTVU: Expected gsPackQueue to have elements!
I seriously don't know how it got fixed,no I idea

CPU:Intel ® core ™ i5-3450 cpu @3.10 ghz
Yeah this isn't the thread for your issue, make your own thread.
(06-22-2014, 01:28 AM)refraction Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah this isn't the thread for your issue, make your own thread.

I got it fixed somehow,but I tought posting this here would enlighten someone as it's a MTVU related problem
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