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Full Version: [LIST] Games that may not work well with MTVU
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(06-22-2014, 01:42 AM)Futtle Wrote: [ -> ]I got it fixed somehow,but I tought posting this here would enlighten someone as it's a MTVU related problem

It's also the first I've heard of it. But this thread is aimed at games which don't work under MTVU, rather than general MTVU problems.
Seems I get slow downs in software mode in Dark Cloud 2 with MTVU set and with 1-3 extra rendering threads. Its not a constant slowdown only seems to happen during cutscenes for me with the widescreen patch active.

This is with a i5 3570K at stock.
But not in hardware mode?
The game has plenty of graphical issues in hardware mode that is why I tend to stay away from it with this game.

But hardware mode does run full speed with or without MTVU active.
Does it run FASTER in hardware with MTVU?

Reason why:

If it is slower in software with MTVU, but faster in hardware with MTVU, I'm gonna guess it's the extra software burden making the MTVU thread slow

If it is slower in software with MTVU, but no change in hardware, then it's MTVU itself.
Would have to turn frame limitation off to check. Will do it a bit
I just found out that MTVU slows down NBA Ballers, but mainly on cutscenes that have to be rendered. Also it doesn't effect the audio at all, only the video part of the cutscene. However the hack does improve performance in-game.
apparently NBA street Vol.2 doesn't boot with MTVU hack : http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Random-FP...#pid392499
has to be confirmed, though
Cool thanks.
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