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Full Version: Speedhack question
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Why is the speedhack "Enable fast CDVD" not recommended?

I'm guessing some games rely on the timing of the disc drive in such a way that it being to fast can make them wonky(remember having this problem with HD Loader).

Is that it?
Enable fast CDVD" is not recommended in some games

e.g. Soul Calibur 3's Tutorial mode the game will not freeze/hang but your ISO/game disc will stop reading..
And i guss have some slowdowns too (possibly in somegames).
Edit - my mean with slowdown is loading time.
Fast CDVD is not recommended because some games relied on the fixed time a PS2 would take to load something, relied on that for timing. When the hack is activated, that timing is thrown to hell, so these few games will crash/glitch as things are left unloaded.