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Full Version: Fps issue
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(11-01-2013, 03:40 AM)Nobbs66 Wrote: [ -> ]alot of those people running at "full speed" are not actually running at full speed. The video capture built into pcsx2 records frame by frame and when the video is played back it will be at full speed even though the game was running far below full speed.

makes sense
my OCD just kicks in full force when something isn't perfect.
do you ever have this issue with your emulator?
Yeah even with an i5 4440 and a gtx 650 i can get lag spikes every so often but it doesn't happen as often because pcsx2 is only using 3 cores so i have one to spare.
I might just use my regular ps2. lag spikes kill me inside xD
If it bugs that much it's probably your best option.
Probably it would be best to know which plugins you are using. Since you are new to this whole subject you probably use not the best combination.

Can you please post the emulog.txt after you have started your game. Almost all necessary informations can be found there.
Do you have Win7? It may help to install the AMD FX patch, as those spikes can be a result of wrong module/thread assignment by Windows.

If you have Win8, it's already integrated
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