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Full Version: Best Configuration for Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
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I tend to run a good solid 50-60 fps but get some slow motion effects and lag anyone have a really good configuration?
Laptop Specs:
Processor-AMD A8-4500 APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics 1.90 GHz
RAM-6.00GB (5.47GB usable)
System-64 bit
My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
Honestly it's pretty impressive you run that well with that laptop.

But to start, what is your current configuration to get that speed?
Lol im suprised to i only go down to the 40s on some occasions and 30s when i die but here are my settings
Emulation settings:
Emotion Engine-Recompiler
Round Mode-chop/zero
Clamping Mode-normal
VU0-microVU Recompiler
VU1-microVU Recompiler
Round mode Chop/Zero
Clamping Mode Chop/Zero
GS:everything default
Speedhacks:Really don't know what to keep but here my most recent change.
EE Cyclerate-3
VU Cycle Stealing-3
Checked-INTC Spin Detection
-Wait Loop Detection
-mVU Flag Hack
My Video:Again don't know what to keep heres my most recent change
Renderer Direct3D11(Hardware)
Resolutoin-1366 768
Checked-Texture Fitting.
Well, you've already got speedhacks at max lol.

You might change your resolution to native, but I doubt it will help.

Your best bet to get better speeds is get a better computer. Obviously, I know this isn't possible for everyone. I've only owned a PCSX2 capable machine for 1.5 months lol.

Also, if you haven't yet, make sure your power plan is set to high performance and run while plugged in.
Putting the ee and vu both to 3 is break your game and tends to show false fps. Rollback it to 0 first .