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Full Version: Final Fantasy Xii Slow.
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Ah hell, i have a stock cooler and i cant OC with that. Sometimes the game runs super fast but most of the time its unplayable.

Also another issue is Why do the controls allways change ? Its so iritating. I set the movement keys to WSAD. But when i press S it opens up the Change leader menu, and then WS dont even work on Menus. I have to set it on a completly different button for it to work. Now its on 1.2 and its really annoying.

How can i fix it that the movement buttons work in menus and combat ? i have set the Wsad to Analog, not the arrows.

Or someone can send me their keyboard file so it wont change.
Simply because movement is handled by the left stick, while navigation in menus are handled by the d-pad.
Honstely, you'd better play it on your ps2 for now. Your machine Wont be up to the par.
SO i have to use 3 sets of movements buttons 2 analog and movement keys ? I dont have 3 hands to handle all of that. I have set my keys to Wsad and the other main buttons to 4568. I could use the analog buttons for some time but W/up never worked in menus. Had to use S/down to get back up.

But now i cant even do that. A few years ago i finished the game on the same PC and i think i had better fps then. I had 2gb and 9800gt then. So now its doubled and the performance is worse.

Nvm i can probably make it work on 2 extra buttons but navigating the menus will be slow.
Maybe your cpu had a better clockrate.
And years ago, pcsx2 wasnt as accurate as it is now.

That´s why i said your ps2 would probably be your best bet for now.
even with my old AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ FFXII ran crappy in towns, outside it was quite doable.
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