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Full Version: How change Date and time?
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The question is really simple. But I can't change these settings.
From the CDVD menu I check No disc, I acces the BIOS, go to settings, change the date and the time (it's to test something in a game), then i shut down PCSX2 (I don't see any button to change these settings.), when I launch again the BIOS, all settings are back normal, including the time, and I don't want the normal time.

I think it's simple but I don't know how the hell I can change the time.

So please, explain me.

PCSX2 always takes your computer Date/Time, is if you want to change your time in pcsx2, change your computer time, once you've booted your game you can swap back
Oh, that's so simple, i knew that was simple, but that...

Thanks a lot! Laugh
No problem Smile that's the only way we can do it other than this as you can't keep track of the emulation time when the emulator isn't open.

Another point, the clock will run at emulation speed, so if you have the framerate locked, it should be pretty much realtime, if you have the limiter off, it will run fast.