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Full Version: PCSX2 Won't RUN !!
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I'd turn it back on then.

I dunno, I'm all frustrated now over something different lol.
You could try fixing it this way if a simple install doesn't work
I tried every step 100% correctly ,,still negative !
besides that link for the C++ 2010 Redist won't be installed on my lap because i have newer version (just like what happened in the video you posted) ,,
anyway i can uninstall the 2012 ver. and then install the 2010 but am sure it will get me nowhere ,,
the 2012 version shouldnt interfere with the 2010 version, but as we seem to be straw clutching it might be worth trying.
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yvo0u5lrac3whv2/j3Uhlqc9j8 try this I been using Visual C++ Redist Installer V27.exe for few years now. Its a great automated tool that will l uninstall all C++ on your pc, then install every C++ with it most recent versions ranging from 2005 all the way up the most recent versions.
I knew someone had posted that once, but couldn't remember who or where.

It was you!

Hey Guys
Please ,, Can anybody send me a copy of the dll file from his\her system folder ?
It's making the BEX Error And i Replaced it millions times ,,
But I need a Valid copy That your PCSX2.exe is Actually using With no BEX errors ,,

Needed File Name : Msvcr100.dll - "MicroSoft Visual C++ Redistributable "
Win 32bit location C:\Windows\System32
Win 64bit lication C:\Windows\SysWow64

Please I need this file to know if it's the issue << Still Trying ,, don't fail me please Sad
Have you tried that tool posted above?
(01-06-2014, 06:44 PM)refraction Wrote: [ -> ]Have you tried that tool posted above?
Negative !
it deletes every Visual C++ Redist I have and install every version from 2005 to 2013 both 86x and 64x
after restart it was the same issue
i also uninstall every copy and install only 2010 Visual C++ Redist
also negative ,,
so am trying now to copy the file manually ,,
i just need the Dll library file
well,can i see u component selectors-pcsx2 pict?
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